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About the Friends of Timberline

Mission Statement

Friends of Timberline is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of the artifacts, furnishings, historical significance, and immediate environs of Timberline Lodge. Friends of Timberline is also dedicated to raising funds and coordinating community volunteer efforts to accomplish these goals.


Friends of Timberline was established in 1975 for the purpose of conserving and restoring the art and furnishings of the lodge. It was the inspiration of John A. Mills and Richard L. Kohnstamm, area operator. An agreement was signed with the U.S. Forest Service and the textile renovation project started in 1975 in the CETA workshop first under the direction of Marlene Gabel and later under Linny Adamson.

Since 1975, craftspeople have continued to work in their own studios creating WPA-inspired designs:

  • More then 3,500 yards of hand-woven fabric have been produced for the lounge, dining room, and guest rooms.
  • More than 100 hand-hooked rugs have been made.
  • Paintings in the mezzanine have been cleaned and relined as needed. Botanicals are restored on an ongoing basis.
  • Parchment in floor and table lamps has been replaced and repaired.
  • The wooden Venetian blinds are being refurbished.

The first full inventory of all furnishings and art in the lodge was made in the 1970s under the auspices of the Friends of Timberline, the Junior League of Portland, and the U.S. Forest Service. The inventory is now performed annually with computer assistance. As renovation proceeded, Linny Adamson was hired as the lodge's first full-time curator (beginning in 1979), employed in a three-way partnership of Friends of Timberline, the U.S. Forest Service, and RLK Company.

Continuing Restoration Projects

Craftspeople in wood, iron, leather, tile, stone, and textiles continue to create and care for the arts and crafts of Timberline Lodge in the spirit of the original. Some of these individuals include:

  • Furniture builders John Platz and the U.S. Forest Service ZigZag Historic Restoration Team, Bill Donald, Sam Bush, Darrell Snowbarger.
  • Carvers John Zipprich, Masamichi Nitani, and George Amiotte
  • Wrought Iron work by Daryl Nelson
  • Leather lampshade and frame makers The Dallas Iron Works, Denise Tuel and Mostly Upholstery.
  • Textile artists Annin Barrett, Helen Bitar, Pat Lee, Gretchen Douglas, Mary Chris Mass, Karen Gelbard, Susan Dancer, Phid Simon, Ann Skelton, Pat Fisher, Rose Sable Dodge, Gorel Kinersly, and Bethany Dalton
  • Restoration of the Rawhide and Iron Chairs and Loveseats by Alan Hart-McArthur as a family tradition started in 1976 by his father Arthur McArthur.

Grants and private donations have supported our restoration work since 1975. You can be a part of history by making a specific donation to a project or joining the Friends of Timberline. Members are invited to periodic special events at the Lodge.

Board Members 2011/12 Term

  • Michael Gentry - President
  • Chuck Scott - Vice President
  • Lenore Martin - Secretary
  • Dick Meissner - Treasurer
  • Cal Bertram
  • Leif Eric Benson
  • P. Michael Drake
  • Joachim Grube
  • Brooks Howard
  • Jeff Jaqua
  • Steve Klotz
  • Michael Madias
  • Claris Poppert
  • Dick Spies
  • Anita Walters

Honorary Board Members

  • R.L.K. & Company. Linny Adamson - Curator, Jeff Kohnstamm - President, Jon Tullis - Dir. Public Affairs
  • US Forest Service Christy Covington


  • Randi Jain Black - Office Manager

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